Core Technology

We always want to be a step ahead. This is why in 2001 we invented the multi-boiler technology – the core of our espresso machines.

Up until then, nobody had ever heard of independent brewing groups or separate boilers. We were visionary, so we rolled up our sleeves and had our invention patented. This is why we call it “the original” – because it is the first and only one of its kind. Nobody had ever done anything similar before.

Brewing groups and steam boiler work autonomously and independently from one another. This means you can turn off the groups or the boiler when they are not in use, thus saving energy while keeping the temperature constant for each extraction.

An actual revolution that changed the market rules – and we do love getting in the game.

DC System

Connection between espresso machine and grinder

We want to stand out. We want to be practical. We want to offer the simplest solution. Our DC System provides the best result in a cup – a result that’s consistent and repeatable.

GCS, OCS, MCS are exclusive technologies we created to enable big coffee-shop chains – or places with a very high staff turnover – to consistently provide excellent espressos and milk-based drinks. GCS always guarantees an optimum grinding; with OCS you can control your espresso machines by remote, whilst MCS assures an exquisite milk foam for your perfect cappuccinos.

Digital Flow Regulation

Breaking the rules: our passion. Inventing new ones: our challenge. With the Digital Flow Regulation(DFR) we went beyond standard parameters to introduce a new one: the flow.

Our exclusive and patented technology allows you to digitally control the quantity of water on the coffee cake for the entire extraction, especially during pre-infusion, which is the most important phase, during which aromas and flavors are developed.


Regulating the flow, you can vary acidity, sweetness, body according to the requests of your customers, leading them toward a new concept of tasting. For just one coffee variety, more tastings are possible, all different from one another.


Thanks to the dedicated APP, you can invent your profile working on the 5 extraction steps, setting time and desired water flow for each step. Once you have found the most suitable flow profile for each different coffee variety, you can save it directly in your personal collection and replicate it whenever you want.

Let’s rock your coffee!